Welness center in Girona Hotel

A pleasure for all senses…  (hours to arrange)

Relaxing massage massage to relax and disconnect of the world and the stresses of day by day, the relaxing massage is ideal. Wrap yourself in a feeling of wellness.

Sports massage Different techniques used to prepare the athlete's tissues before and after a competition.

Stretching therapy  Combination of specific techniques and stretching's thought to give your body it's tension and contraction.

Facial massage This massage relaxes tension of the muscles of the face and tones them, defining the contour of the face.

Food massage This massage releases the energy blockages and promotes relaxation, producing simultaneous reactions on the rest of the body which balances the nervous system.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Some main benefits aret he regulation of your circulation, fight liquid retention and eliminate toxins with a group of slow and progressive movements.

*Ask previously at the reception for your choosen massage.  

**Massage with essential oils. Massages in your room from 80 € / person.

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