Come and enjoy a night at our hotel to rest and relax with your partner, where you can revel in the Roman baths. In Roman times, the baths were a meeting place for conversation and relaxation, where it was important to recover the body and purify the soul. Following this tradition, this experience gives you the opportunity to seek a balance between history and innovation, where water, stone, light, and other elements join you in this peaceful trip.

The pack includes:

- One night stay for two people at the Hotel Museu Llegendes de Girona ****

- Exquisite breakfast with products of our land in POU DELS CAPRICIS.

- Thermal bath with aromatherapy, which consists of an exclusive circuit of bathrooms for the three rooms of water in different temperatures: Frigidarium (cold), Calidarium (hot) and Tepidarium (lukewarm). The last one is also floating (Flotarium), offering the possibility of enjoy a salt bath purifier in a space built on the walls of centuries II-V.



Double Room: € 252

Eros Suite: € 337

Margarita Bonita Suite: € 431


* See conditions and book by calling 972 220 905

From 252€
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