The Hotel Museu Llegendes de Girona **** participate in this event every year, and helps to make  this event "Girona a Time for Flowers" last a long time!

Enjoy the flower festival Temps de Flors  from May 7th to 15th included, with our unbeatable offer.

The Package includes:

. Two night's accommodation.

. A warm welcome gift.

. An intimate dinner for two persons. 

. A buffet breakfast.

. Guided tour around our magic town Girona with Girona Walks


Childhood memories of Montse Cremades, a citizen from Girona:

"Almost all the houses in the Old Town of Girona have always had a little garden, a terrace, a patio … More than fifty years ago, the mistresses of these houses had geraniums, hydrangeas, carnations,... a little precious space and they were all competing with each other to have the most beautiful flower corner of the city.

One day, a group of people had the idea that it would be interesting and nice to show all these plants to the public, so they could also enjoy them. The chosen month was May, because it is the best time when flowers bloom in all their colours, and the perfect place for it would be Sant Pere de Galligans Church, which by itself is a jewel.

So people got to work: the organizations commissioned the women in the old town to bring their plants, everyone could participate in this. All plants and flowers were shown, and there was a jury giving a winning prize to the plant it considered the best. Then and there the flower festival “Temps de Flors” started.

Every year more and more people got involved in the exhibition, including individuals, florists, companies…

Even foreign people would come to expose! And each time the exhibition was bigger and bigger! Sant Pere de Galligans Church became too small and the exhibition expanded to nearest streets and courtyards.

And so it came to be the “Time of flowers” at this moment, a well-known event!”

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Girona Time for Flowers  Girona Time for Flowers in Hotel Museu Llegendes de Girona****